Thank You & Congratulations to all the Racers who Joined us in 2016 for an Unbelievable Race Series!

In less than one year we went from concept to the largest Florida racer attended organization! Spec fuel, modern updated classes, updated rules, live qualifying, and starting lights were among the new features that resulted in savings of ten of thousands of dollars while modernizing motorcycle club racing like never before. Congratulation to Stefano Mesa & Max Angles, winners of the Expert & Amateur Overall FMRRA championship respectively.

2016 Overall Results
awards ceremony

Now who is Ready for 2017!

Remember you have until December 30th to renew your license to reserve your race number – here.

Now it’s party time! Join us on November 29th at K1 Speed in Miami for the end of the year Awards Ceremony bash with a little go Kart racing!

8600 NW South River Dr, Suite 8
Medley, FL 33166

Free food and drinks and we’re buying the class champions a free race.


What to Expect in 2017

Multi Series Championships

Spec Fuel

Live Qualifying

Reduced Costs

2017 Schedule Released

Roebling Road Raceway June 24-25
Jennings GP April 29-30
P.B.I.R January 7 February 4 March 18 May 20-21 July 22

Mission Statement:

Organizing competitive and safe motorcycle road racing weekends in Florida with a focus on providing a racer-focused and fan-centric atmosphere.

About Us:

Born from the creative minds at Florida Track Days and partner motorsports facilities, FMRRA is the culmination of years of customer feedback. This is a series created by motorcycle racers for motorcycle racers. We have collaborated with the largest local race shops and racers in creating a new rulebook focused on the racers’ interest. This is a series built WITH the racer FOR the racer.

The Series:

Our actual race costs (race price / cost per lap) are at an industry low. We think our schedule gives a better value and gives the potential for increased fan attention (especially with our feature Sunday races) that will benefit racers cost wise and with sponsor potential. Longer races for less money with increased opportunity to build race craft, race strategy and better preparation to move to higher levels of racing.

Many clubs allow the Lowest level of race classes liberal engine building rules. To be truly on equal footing one can expect to spend $15,000 – $20,000 on top of the purchase price to build a competitive motorcycle. Then include the cost of expensive race fuel and this equals a very expensive introduction to the sport. And for many clubs you get only one race at this level. In order to participate in additional racing often requires “racing up” against even higher spec motorcycles.

We’ve established two racing class specs. Superbike and SuperStock. Superbike spec for those with built motorcycles engines and SuperStock which includes motorcycles with no engine modification (stock engines). We’ve offered plenty of opportunities for both specs to race in multiple classes to ensure fairness and less temptation to break rules

We believe our SuperStock rules are the future of club racing. With no engine modification riders can purchase new and used street bikes and with minimal modifications come to the track and know they have a competitive platform to race with. The $15,000 – $20,000 you saved in SuperStock can buy you lots of fresh tires. It’s almost like racing for free

Modern inexpensive classes such as the 250 / 300 SuperStreet ensure low cost high fun excitement.

The venerable SV 650 – mostly decimated from the ranks in Florida unless raced in a highly spec’d form. We’ve created the class called “Production Twins” to bring the back the SV. $1000 -$2000 SV650’s with reliable stock engines that are easy on tires and a ton of fun.

Ever want to the opportunity to chase down a high dollar high horsepower Italian machine? We’re trying to help there also with the introduction of “Formula Twins”. Pick up an inexpensive SuperStock form RC51, SV1000 or maybe a Ducati 916 and give it a try.

Why do racers and teams spend over $500 in a weekend on expensive race gas? Because the racers next to them are using it. We thought saving thousands per year over everyone dropping a few horsepower is a pretty good tradeoff. That was another great suggestion from the racer community which came true with the sponsorship with Sunoco Race Fuels. Sunoco RMR for the Superbikes (the same stuff used by the factories in AMA MotoAmerica) and 93 pump gas for SuperStock.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be gridded more on your skill and less on other factors? We’ve added qualifying and even threw in a special session called Superpole to determine the front rows. More fun and better safety concerns.

And lots of other little things such as an upcoming new safety initiative. And most all of this coming from the local racer community. We’re listening so keep the suggestions coming! We’re looking forward to an awesome 2016 and hopefully you’ll join us!

FMRRA has partnered with MYLAPS to utilize the MYLAPS AMB transponders for all racers at FMRRA events. Not only is this the industry-standard, state of the art timing technology, but it will provide for live-streaming of on track race activity both on-line and via mobile phones in the pit lanes!

The past decade has shown a new landscape of traditional media, and here at FMRRA we are going to embrace that. During race weekends, we will have our team on the ground posting new content to all of our social media pages in the form of racer interviews, race results, photography, video trash talking, and more. Motorcycle racing is full of stories and excitement in the paddock and we are going to make the off-the-track action just as important as the racing itself.